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Summer Honey

Honey Buzzard is one of two regular summer-visiting birds of prey in Sussex (the other being Hobby), but their scarcity and elusive nature makes them a rare encounter. They are probably under-recorded in the county, so do keep an eye out for them in the well-wooded interior of Sussex — you might find your own!

These beautiful raptors have a curious diet consisting mostly of wasp larvae and amphibians. They spend the winter in tropical and southern Africa. Look for the longer tail and wings held straight out (rather than in a shallow V, which Common Buzzard does habitually). The often grey, 'pigeon-like' head is often a giveaway, but the bold and well-spaced barring on the wings and tail is a clincher. Another unmistakable trait is the male's rolling display-flight, where he quivers his wings above his body each time on each ascent.


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