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Professional development workshops

As experienced fieldworkers, Wildstarts is here to help your ecology team build their survey skills.

From bird surveys to bee identification, a session with our experts will ensure you have the skills to record the wildlife at your survey site. Our team has a background in ornithological, entomological and botanical fieldwork, as well as habitat assessment and even site management.

Professional development with Wildstarts is skill-building as it should be: fun and rewarding learning for those with an outdoor workplace.


Ornithological surveys are a complex task, but we will boil down bird identification and survey methodology into straightforward techniques you can bring to your sites.

birdwatcher recording birds at a wetland with binoculars and a notebook (no camera or trip

Fast-track your song and call recognition to incorporate our effective approach to recognising bird vocalisations into your work.


We will also teach you how to make effortless visual identification and which behaviours to look out for to gather breeding evidence effectively.

Pollinator surveys are essential to increasing biodiversity and ensuring sustainable development. Immerse in the world of bees and butterflies to build the skills necessary to provide clients or your own site with rich information on these crucial insects.


The best way to become proficient in botanical survey work is to get out in the field with an expert and learn hands-on. Wildstarts can help you begin your plant identification journey or build your knowledge base with you if you already know the basics.


Wildstarts can visit your site or suggest an ideal venue to build your ecological survey skills.


Sessions can be as short as one hour or delivered as full-day experiences.


Either way, you and your team will come away with new knowledge and memories of a fun and absorbing staff outing.

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Please tell us more about your request for a private professional development workshop. What would you like to get out of your professional development session and how many participants do you expect? Would you like us to visit your site or suggest locations to match your requirements? Please let us know any specific skills you'd like us to focus on, how long you'd like the session to run for and whether we should plan a lunch break.

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