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Bird photography workshops

This is the place to build your bird photography skills in Sussex. Explore this page to learn what our workshops have to offer, browse our photography guide Marc Read's work, and to enquire about booking a session.

Get the one-to-one bird photography tuition you need to take your results to a new level with our private workshops.

​Our bird photography expert and guide is Marc Read, one of the region's best-known bird photographers.

Slavonian Grebe by Marc Read

During his sessions, Marc will demonstrate the fieldcraft and walk you through the settings necessary to take photos anybody would want on their wall.

We have carefully selected some of the best locations in Sussex to give you the best chances of memorable results on the day, but our goal is to advance your bird photography skills so you'll always come home with better pictures.

These skill-building workshops can be booked for yourself and up to three friends or family members to make a small private group. Workshops are usually four hours long but varying durations can be arranged.

Bearded Tit by Marc Read


Prices for normal four-hour workshops are £140 for 1 person, £155 for 2 people, £165 for 3 people and £175 for 4 people.

Sessions can also be booked as a gift. Due to limited availability for this service we handle all direct and gift bookings through the booking request form; please fill in your details and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Purple Sandpiper by Marc Read

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