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Black Redstart and raptor action

A day out in the field in the South Downs yesterday was packed with surprises and special encounters.

First up was a peach of a male Black Redstart in a horse paddock near Chilgrove.

This adult male Black Redstart was a nice surprise in a horse paddock

Then we watched a young Goshawk fend off a Raven over a tract of forest down the track while listening to Woodlarks singing above us.

A young Goshawk appeared over the forest
The Goshawk had to fend off a Raven...

An immature White-tailed Eagle (from the Isle of Wight reintroduction scheme) and a Peregrine Falcon filled the skies over Arundel later on.

... But the White-tailed Eagle over Arundel had many more corvids to contend with!
The eagle shared the skies with a Peregrine Falcon


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