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Bird walk diaries -- Billigreen

Today Nick and David guided on a special birding walk put on by South Downs Wildlife in Billingshurst, for local environmental group Billigreen. The weather forecast looked a little hit-and-miss but as things turned up, it was mostly 'miss' - with blue skies and even a rainbow for the very light shower we did endure.

David and Nick with the Billgreen group, rainbow shining in the background!

The walk started well with nice flight views of a Sparrowhawk over the sports field by the car park, demonstrating its distinctive 'flap-flap-flap-gliiiide' flight style, even when hounded by Jackdaws!

A little further on, we were teasted by the calls of Treecreeper, Goldcrest and Great Spotted Woodpecker. The latter two afforded us a couple of glimpses but the trail went cold on the treecreeper.

Out in the crop fields we caught sight of several Skylarks and a very pale Buzzard. The larks even burst into song, it was turning out to be just a mild day! As we passed hay meadows and hedgerows we encountered species like Meadow Pipit and Yellowhammer, while a Nuthatch called in the distance and a Bullfinch called - and even sang - softly in a roadside hedge but refused to show itself.

Towards the end of the walk, we caught site of another Great Spotted Woodpecker and a darker Buzzard on the lookout for worms, then a Green Woodpecker yaffled at us as we negotiated a stile and a couple of Jays were seen.

Back at the car park we enjoyed a flock of Long-tailed Tits in the trees, some Pied Wagtails and Meadow Pipits on the playing fields and the sound of another Nuthatch. We also saw three Common Darter dragonflies, reminding us once more how lucky we had been with the weather on our birdwatching walk!

We recorded the following 37 bird species in our two hours around Billingshurst:

  1. Woodpigeon

  2. Collared Dove

  3. Moorhen

  4. Black-headed Gull

  5. Herring Gull

  6. Sparrowhawk

  7. Buzzard

  8. Great Spotted Woodpecker

  9. Green Woodpecker

  10. Jay

  11. Magpie

  12. Jackdaw

  13. Rook

  14. Carrion Crow

  15. Blue Tit

  16. Great Tit

  17. Skylark

  18. Long-tailed Tit

  19. Goldcrest

  20. Nuthatch

  21. Treecreeper

  22. Wren

  23. Starling

  24. Song Thrush

  25. Redwing

  26. Blackbird

  27. Robin

  28. Dunnock

  29. Grey Wagtail

  30. Pied Wagtail

  31. Meadow Pipit

  32. Chaffinch

  33. Bullfinch

  34. Greenfinch

  35. Linnet

  36. Goldfinch

  37. Yellowhammer


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