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Night safari

Seven of us had a brilliant night walk on our 'No-Man's-Land After Dark' event last night.

We started by listening to a Grey Partridge and watching for owls as dusk fell. Sure enough, a Tawny Owl passed us nice and close before landing on a post, allowing us all to get a fantastic look at it!


Soon afterwards, it was dark enough to start spotting Glow-worms, and there were plenty of them! We counted at least 15 glowing rear-ends along one stretch of track alone, while bats darted overhead...

Using the thermal imager and torch in combination, we managed to spot some Brown Hares, a Red Fox and glimpsed a Badger before it slunk over the brow of a hill.

To round off, we homed in on the hissing calls of two young Tawny Owls and watched them as they hunted a grassy slope from their watchpoints on posts and tree branches.


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