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Identify & Draw workshop

Andy Ashdown led the Identify & Draw - Gulls, Ducks and Water Birds workshop at Swanbourne Lake today. The weather was superb, bringing out the superb iridescent colours on many of the ducks. Speaking of ducks, there were plenty to see, with a beautiful close pair of Mandarin Ducks, many Gadwall and Tufted Ducks, a couple of Pochards and of course no shortage of Mallards!

The leisurely walk round the lake, sketching on the way, added Little Grebe, Mute Swan and four species of gull to our sightings for the day. We also managed to listen to the songs of Firecrest, Mistle Thrush and newly arrived Chiffchaffs. We also spotted Comma and Brimstone butterflies on the wing.

It was hard to drag ourselves away at the end of the session, it had been such a lovely experience taking the time to sit, watch and learn under Andy's enthusiastic and expert tuition...


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