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Dusting off the moth trap

The moth trap has been buried in the shed for the summer, lost beneath the mess caused by major projects on the house. With peak moth season upon us, we thought it was time to drag it out from beneath the rubble. After a little tender loving care, it was ship shape and ready for its first big night out of 2021!

When we turned over egg boxes like Christmas crackers, the joy of moth-trapping came flooding back. It will be hard to put it away now! Our catch was relatively modest but that's just fine to start the season off.

The commonest species were Box Tree Moth and Heart & Dart. The former is a 'pest' species undergoing a rapid increase, while the 'H&D' is a staple of summer trapping. A couple of Dark Arches were lurking in there, looking cool as ever, and we'll never tire of the intricate Yellow Shell! We can't wait to see what the next session will bring.

Box Tree Moth
Heart & Dart
Dark Arches
Yellow Shell


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