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Adur afternoon

The River Adur, between Upper Beeding and Shoreham, is always a rewarding walk at any time of year. There was nothing particularly unusual this afternoon, but a series of rewarding wildlife encounters. First, a Little Egret patrolling the shallows.

Little Egret wading in the shallows

Then the family dramas of a brood of Kestrels around the cement works, and a Buzzard hovering in the distance towards Beeding Hill.

Kestrel at the former cement works
Buzzard hovering towards Beeding Hill

Black-headed Gulls have started appearing away from breeding sites now, presumably starting with the failed breeders.

Black-headed Gull in breeding plumage

And a Comma resting beautifully in the sun to round it all off — there are quite a few on the wing now.

Comma basking in the afternoon sun


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